An instant gaming website

PPTV Instant games is a gaming website which contains games from third-party gaming game providers. Users can select games from different categories like live games, bingo games, slot games. Etc. They can try the game in fun mode and also in real mode. Real mode requires the user to recharge his/her wallet through the website. The winning amount will be credited into the wallet and the user can request for a cash payout through the system.

User section

  • Gameplay(Real & Fun mode)
  • Gaming history & profile management
  • Wallet recharge
  • Payout request

Admin Section

  • Payout request processing
  • User management
  • Admin & Cashier management
  • Game management(Activation & Deactivation)
  • Reports


  • Front end:Angular 6
  • Backend/Server:ASP Core
  • Database:MySQL