A cloud based patient engagement platform.


TrialsLoop is a comprehensive platform for clinical trial participants. An optimized end-to-end experience integrating a range of features to support patient and investigator participation and data capture.

Goals of TrialsLoop

Remote Health and Activity monitoring
Maintain health reading cut off
Prescribe activities to patients
Collection of data from wearable health device
Daily, Weekly, Monthly detailed data representation
Ensure Prescription Adherence
Prescription alerts
Medicine stock tracking personalised for patients
Reporting care team about day-to-day medicine adherence
Integration with hospital pharmacy system
Improve Quality of Care
Quality of care through personalised survey
Maintain surveys by types.
Automated and manual pooling of surveys
Push notification and reminder in mobile app.
Dropbox for Lab Report
Drop lab report to patient app.
Tracking and downloading lab reports.
Categorise reports by types. Example :- ECG, EEG, BP
Share your medical report with another health provider.