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How the Partnering Programme works
How the Partnering Programme works
How the Partnering Programme works

The POLUS Partnering Programme is a simple way for you and POLUS to collaborate and mutually benefit.There is no obligation and no cost; just the opportunity to partner with a strong IT company like POLUS when you need help.Ways we work with our Partners: When we have Projects that require specific expertise and we need that expertise or resources, we call on our Partners with that expertise, so you may get more Project work.When you have Projects that require specific expertise or you need more resources, you call on POLUS to support you - we offer our Partners special Partners rates ands terms for long and short-term staffing needs.When you need to ramp up or replace staff, POLUS is your one-stop shop for all your IT staffing needs.


Polus Software is based in Kerala India and has been operating for 5 years. We are a global software solutions and product development company, and provide expert software development services and solutions for small, large and mid-size companies. Polus utilises a process-driven software development and consulting model that depends on core competencies in the field of education, enterprise, web and mobile applications. We operate with the primary mission “To be a quality oriented universal player in the field of offshore and nearshore software development projects and application integration”.

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Team & Organisation
Team & Organisation
Team & Organisation

Polus is situated at Technopark in rivandrum, Kerala. Technopark is Asia’s biggest IT park. We attract the best talent from the finest institutes to work for us,to help us and our clients build better outcomes.Creativity, flexibility, collaboration and personal initiative are decidedly valued in Polus.The self motivated Polus workforce gets the regular opportunities for further training and growth in order to keep skills at par with hi-tech developments. At Polus, our people are our greatest strength.The constructive environment encourages and rewards personal enterprise and team spirit. In fact, one of our core building blocks to success is attracting the “right people”. Our work culture is and constantly has been open, sociable, proficient and driven.Our team organization provides a valid sense of belonging.It means that every individual's role is fundamental to the team.Very few companies offer such an extensive level of responsibilities for staff to grow, both personally and professionally.

Contact Ajin Thomas (India) on +919048316151 (also Whatsapp)
to discuss about Partnering with POLUS.

Ajin Thomas, Business Development Manager
POLUS Software Pvt Ltd, TechnoPark
Trivandrum, Kerala India
Ph: +919048316151 (also Whatsapp)
Skype: ajin-thomas