A Recruitment Software Completely Web-Based

RecruiterXL is an application used by the recruiting companies to maintain all related documents and tracking candidates, vacancies, and companies.


Administration module is considered as the brain of the entire application. This module can control the entire application and is also used as the source of all reference data which are valuable and mostly used throughout the entire application. So from the admin module, we can enter different types of reference data.
This module is used to handle appointment related information. Calendar acts as a schedule where we can see all the appointments.
Candidate Module is for creating new candidates and managing all activities related to the candidate.
This module is for creating a company and contact persons and for managing the employer-related activities.
The contract between company and candidate is created by this module.
The module is for creating the vacancy and is managing the vacancy information and the related activities.
In the mailbox, the configured mail in the user mail setting will be synchronized. All the activities in the mail server can be performed.
This module is used to capture the entire activities of every module.
In this module contact, person and candidate can send and receive WhatsApp message.
The import/ export module is mainly dealing with Importing /Exporting candidates, companies and job data from/ to third-party plug-in like a Free pack, pay for people, We pay people internal system in the prescribed format. These three systems deal with accounting work and they capture the candidates, companies, and vacancies to operate their work smoothly.

RecruiterXL captures the data in the prescribed format provided by these three plugins and accordingly creates/modifies the system with the data. To do this we have the module called BackOffice


  • Front end: Html, MVC razor, Jquery, Devexpress controls, TextControl
  • Backend/Server: C# 6.0, MVC 5, Web API 2.0
  • Database: SQL server