Fibi’s SST

A cloud enabled service lifecycle management tool.

Fibi’s SST: Smart System Tracker

Fibi Smart Service Tracker is a cloud-enabled tool to manage the lifecycle of service requests. It helps the user (the person who creates service request/ticket) and helpdesk (who handles the request and gives a solution to it) to work in a common platform where they can interact with each other and track request at each stage of its life cycle.


Interactive dashboard – lists service request based on logged in user

Ability to integrate with emails.

Requests categorized by status – In Progress, Resolved, Submitted, Review in Progress, etc.

Track time at different stages of the request sorted in the order of date

Ability to add watchers for a specific ticket

Shows predefined solution based on a category of request

Ability to search for a document using elasticsearch

Provision to link with any of the documents stored in a different database


Easy tracking and management
Easy tracking and management of all requests that are coming to service desk.
Easy record management
Reduce/avoid maintaining large spreadsheets for recording each request details.
Central repository
History of all helpdesk transactions maintained in a central repository.
Easily generate statistical reports
Administrator can easily generate statistical reports based on total volume of requests handled by supportdesk.
Automated timekeeping
Automated timekeeping of the incoming and outgoing tickets
Frequent follow up
Frequent follow up on unresolved tickets is possible as data is stored & shown based on status of the ticket
Analysing service requests
Analysing service requests based on requestor.
Easy to measure the total users
Easy to measure the total users popularity of the app from the summary screen.