Database Migration for MIT, USA

Database migration  service of Coeus Modules migration to Kuali Coeus was successfully carried out by Polus for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The migration project was to transfer data from the source database (Coeus) to destination database (Kuali-Coeus).

After the release of Kuali Coeus (KC), many universities currently using the base product of Coeus from MIT are upgrading to Kuali-Coeus (KC). As a result of which, the data in Coeus database currently used by the universities needs to be migrated to the new Kuali-Coeus database.

Kuali Coeus (KC) for Research Administration is a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of research administration needs from the faculty researcher through grants administration to federal funding agencies. KC is using MITs proven COEUS system as its baseline design, updating its technical architecture for vendor independence and integration with other administration systems.


  • Oracle 11g
  • sqlplus


  • Oracle database 11g