Polus Software, established in 2010, is a global software solutions and product development company dedicated in providing expert software development services and solutions for small, large and mid-size companies. Polus thrives on a process-driven software development and consulting model that depends on core competencies in the field of education, enterprise, web and mobile applications. We operate with the primary mission “To be a quality oriented universal player in the field of offshore and nearshore software development projects and application integration”.

Polus Software is engaged in the business of  providing Information Technology(IT) solutions and software services to different business domains worldwide. The company has a suite of products and service offerings which caters to the needs of customers across the globe. This process-driven model scales up standards in development and delivery process to match international norms, while placing an emphasis on timely delivery, deliverable quality and its cost-effectiveness.

Developing, customizing, integrating and testing turnkey solutions makes Polus match competencies with the industry norms, however, it also places equal emphasis on building long-term relationships with its business partners. In order to assist its clients in achievement of their goals, Polus implements a business-speak that centers on reliability and works towards helping its clients achieve a zero-deficit accomplishment of purpose.

Lean developments is the mantra that gravitates the development in Polus .Through optimized agile methodology, managed and empirically controlled through an open source project management suite, the impetus is always on deliverables of the project. With a dynamic team, tool assisted processes and a third party approach to testing ensures our quality of deliverable is always top-notch.

Team & Organisation:

Polus is situated at Technopark, which is  Asia’s biggest IT park located at the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. We tack together the best talent from the finest institutes to work for us and help us build a better technological environment in our office.

Creativity, flexibility, collaboration and personal initiative are decidedly valued in Polus. The self motivated Polus workforce gets the regular opportunities for further training and growth in order to keep skills at par with hi-tech developments.

Work hours per week are set to 40, with weekends being off. For any urgent client requests coming in, team Polus can work overnight or on weekends even. The timings of Polus resources are synchronized with Client’s  local timings, ensuring uncompromised priority.

Polus is situated at the state-of-the art, modern environs of the Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram. Here, Polus is leveraged by the best manpower on offer, seamless connectivity, uninterrupted power and a scalable environment that emphasizes the continuity of being able to work on cutting-edge projects 24X7. With such an able infrastructure at the core of Polus, clients will always be the first priority as it should be.

At Polus, our people are our greatest strength. The constructive environment encourages and rewards personal enterprise and team spirit. In fact, one of our core building blocks to success is attracting the “right people”. Our work culture is and constantly has been open, sociable, proficient and driven.

Our team organization provides a valid sense of belonging. It means that your role is fundamental to the team and you will be able to enjoy responsibility, even if you are at an initial stage of your profession. In fact, there are very few other companies that can offer such an extensive level of responsibilities so early on. It also means that if you are capable, we will rapidly spot your talent and help develop your career.