Polus always offer simple yet fast mobile apps for the customers. Our main focus is to provide mobile application development service that works with you and ensures that your idea is implemented and turned into a fluid and beautiful mobile solution.
We does all the hard work in the architecture side and also make sure that your mobile solution has a user interface experience that is pleasant and engaging. Polus develops applications that cater to Business to consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Business to employee (B2E) and Machine to Machine (M2M) opportunities.
From ready-to-run applications to the industry’s most powerful open mobility platform, our solutions let you define, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage amazing apps at each step of your mobile journey. The advantages of mobility and faster response time to business needs have made companies to integrate accessibility through mobile, a major function of their business processes.

Polus provides following mobile development services

1. Enterprise mobile solutions development
2. Business apps development
3. Native mobile application development
4. Hybrid mobile application development
5. Apps and website development for tablets
6. Mobile game development
7. Consumer apps development

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Our team of highly skilled technical and industry experts helps our customer’s in strategizing and implementing the mobile presence of businesses through incisive consulting. We propose and design mobile applications that exceed the customers expectation whilst providing the best and cost effective solution. Our competency in working on platform independent technologies nullifies the additional cost and burden of writing device dependent software. Polus specialize in HTML 5 based platform independent mobile applications employing multi-tier architecture framework utilizing open source mobile projects like JQuery Mobile and Phone Gap based on the component-based, highly scalable model guideline stipulated by the consortium of ivy-league technical institutions.
Emphasis on write once run anywhere paradigm
Optimal design for easy application migration for device dependent applications
Provides business solution and helps in the formulation of mobile based strategy of your business
Agile methodology of development life cycle.
Polus Mobile evolve on a “simplicity first”- paradigm resulting in mobile applications that are both aesthetic to use and technologically brilliant.

Polus also have expertise in all the major mobile operating systems: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and J2ME.
Research administration on the move

We have domain expertise in developing mobile application for mobile based research administration applications. With products like state-of-art Kuali Coeus mobile application, iCoeus and Micro-Coeus, Polus has a very formidable presence in the research administration LOB. Interest generated for these application only shows that the future is bright.