Polus offers you the key chance to work in a multi-dimensional global environment with world class facilities, newest technology and infinite growth potential to suit your ambition. The goal of our selection procedure is to undertake a meticulous and inclusive analysis of each candidate’s skills because it is important to find the right person.

In Polus, your career growth would be based on your performance, your determination and your dedication. We are successful because we hire, engage and retain talented employees from around the world who match the ‘right people’ capabilities we need. However, equally important is that these talented people have their own priorities and career aspirations met as individuals.

There are many reasons why you should join us, and these all link to our standards as a business. People do make our business such a great place to work and if you fit the values that align with working in our company, then we know you will enjoy being part of our future success. We challenge you to recognize your potential and discover your future.

If this sounds way interesting to you, email us your CV to apply hr@polussoftware.com