Attendance Management

Teachers can enter the attendance details of students online.Parents will have access to the attendence report.

Notes and Assignments

Teachers can add the notes and assign assignments for the students through Podium.

Timetable Management

Teachers can easily create the student timetable which can be accessed by students and parents.

Exam Management

The Exam details can be added by the teachers. After the exam, teachers can add the results to this module.


Timeline lets you see the activities of a student during the academic year.Parents can also see the timeline details of his/her ward.

Automatic Timetable Generation

The weekly class count is considered and the subjects will be automatically assigned to the corresponding Teachers and class without any conflict.

Why Podium?

Podium connects the Students, Teachers and Parents all together for an efficient School Management. Podium is suitable for any kind of institutions such as - small, medium and large. It is developed in such a way to smoothen the School operations by automating the operations related to Teachers, Students, Courses, Parents and so on.

Integrate to Website

One of the main advantages of the Podium is that, it can be actually clubbed with the School website, hence it will be very easily accessible.

Easily Customizable

Podium is blessed with an easily customizable framework, so that it will effortlessly fits to any kind or size of institutes.

Pay for what you want

Our pricing plans are so flexible such that it allows you to pay for those features that you are using.

Free Updates

We always love to innovate and add more and more features to Podium, so you will get Free updates on this periodically.

Collaborative Culture

Develops a collaborative work culture among the School management by actively participating Teachers, Students, and Parents.

Sharing information anytime, anywhere.

Podium connects Teachers, Students and Parents efficiently to a single platform in order to share information anytime at anywhere.

No separate hardware/software needed

In Order to implement Podium, there is no need for configuring separate Hardware/Software, hence you can avoid a huge amount of complexities.

Get rid off Manual work

Podium automates all those complex operations in the School management, hence it reduces the Manual work and it makes your School productive.

Live Support

Our team will provide Live support for any issues faced or change request needed.

Different Users of Podium

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